Why Plumbers Can Be Great Golfers


Plumbing is a profession that requires a lot of hard work. Aside from the years of training and apprenticeship that take dedication and endurance, the work itself is often dirty and painful. But the one thing that this all can give you is a high ability to work through tough things that you might not have the endurance to do if you hadn’t gone through the harsh training to be a plumber. So, being a plumber can give you some skills that many people would not expect, including the ability to work hard to become highly skilled at sports like golf.

Golf in particular is a game that requires lots of very focused practice, which is what plumbers are really very good at due to their hard training. Getting good at golf involves practicing long hours at driving ranges and on golf courses alone, which many people simply do not have the patience or endurance for. The best way to know that you’ll make a good golfer is simply to try it, because it can often surprise people how good they can get at golf if they have never tried it before. If you’re starting when you’re a little older, you might never be a pro player, but you can certainly impress friends and business partners, and have a great hobby to spend time on as you get older and especially when you retire.

Another thing that makes plumbers great golfers is that they are very used to working with their hands. When you’re doing plumbing work, you need to be very precise with your hands, as well as highly able to control the amount of force that you’re exerting. This is a highly important skill in golf, especially in the swing, which many people struggle for a long time with and never quite master. It can make a really big difference in terms of the ability to control your shot in terms of how far it goes and in which direction it will break. Plumbers are really uniquely good at exerting very fine muscle control and also putting a lot of strength into it – scientific surveys and research have shown that they are some of the highest scoring among all professions in terms of these statistics.

Plumbers who are self-employed like http://www.pompanobeachplumbers.net also can have a lot of time to spend golfing. Some plumbers will even purchase a country club membership or a season pass so that they can play unlimited rounds of golf at their favorite course, and then just park their van or truck there and play until they get a call or they’re scheduled to go out on a job. It’s quite a great arrangement since you can play as much golf as you want while waiting for calls – you may even meet potential clients while you’re out on the course, if you overhear them discussing a plumbing issue. You’ll also feel much better at the end of the day.

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